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Allu Arjun, new Hindi dubbed movie - KAAL new Hindi dubbed movies inKrrish Full HD Movie | Hrithik Roshan | Priyanka Chopra | Nasiruddin Shah | Last Hindi.
In this film, Prem Jan mentions one historical figure and heroine who is rarely mentioned - Priyanka Chopra (stage name - Nasi-Sakshi), who played one of the minor roles in this film.
The colors used in the film are red, white, pink, black, purple, blue, green and light yellow.

Translation and voice acting - Andrey Soyustov (Kungur)
- Are you okay?
Zoran nodded as he watched his friend move cautiously through the crowd of onlookers who seemed to be holding back their laughter as they looked into his excited eyes. At the front of the stage, Prem was talking to his co-star, Hrithik Rashana, smiling sensually.
- With such lighting, we will see amazing shots!
Hrithik tilted his head towards the stage where Hrithik the roller skater glided balancing on his heels and turned the stage into a dazzling place of humour, laughing screams and fun.
The film's score was retro and the film's producer, Piru Rakeshwar Das, described it as "very modern, playful, energetic, light" and "not like classic Indian films".
Before Rashani stated that despite the fact that his partner, Hrithik, was surrounded by enthusiastic fans, Pram Ranashreev looked carefully in Hrithik's direction.
Hrithik was wearing a light red shirt and trousers, and his red hair was tied in a knot at the back. His face looked completely blank and Hrithik was wearing square-lens glasses.
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